The Goal of this research is to find out criteria (knowledge and skill-based competences) which employers consider while employing young journalists. The research is current for adjusting educational programs and accreditation standards.

Employer’s survey was conducted in September-October 2016. Quantitative and qualitative   methodological approaches were carried out; Open-ended and closed-ended questions were used as a survey instrument; 25 representatives of Media Organisations have been questioned.

The following research questions have been answered:

1.      According to what criteria young journalists are employed in Georgia?

2.      What qualifications (knowledge and skills) are preferable for employers?

3.      Do employers take into consideration which University the journalist graduated? Does he/she have a relevant degree or competences, etc.?

According to the results, only 40% of interns are paid in Georgia. While employing journalists “writing skill” is considered the most important (88%). Employers consider that “working on deadline” and ability of working with new technologies is important skill as well (76%). 52% of employers’ priority is profound knowledge of the specific field. It is worth mentioning that 84 % of respondents give preference to the competences gained in specific fields.

According to the employers, opinion the students at Universities gain more theoretical knowledge than practical. for majority, practical knowledge is essential. Recommendations have been produced for media educational sector.

Authors: Dr. Mariam Gersamia, Dr. Maia Toradze (Tbilisi State University)