Employment of entry-level journalists in Georgia

The Goal of this research is to find out criteria (knowledge and skill-based competences) which employers consider while employing young journalists. The research is current for adjusting educational programs and accreditation standards.

Employer’s survey was conducted in September-October 2016. Quantitative and qualitative   methodological approaches were carried out; Open-ended and closed-ended questions were used as a survey instrument; 25 representatives of Media Organisations have been questioned.

The following research questions have been answered:

1.      According to what criteria young journalists are employed in Georgia?

2.      What qualifications (knowledge and skills) are preferable for employers?

3.      Do employers take into consideration which University the journalist graduated? Does he/she have a relevant degree or competences, etc.?

According to the results, only 40% of interns are paid in Georgia. While employing journalists “writing skill” is considered the most important (88%). Employers consider that “working on deadline” and ability of working with new technologies is important skill as well (76%). 52% of employers’ priority is profound knowledge of the specific field. It is worth mentioning that 84 % of respondents give preference to the competences gained in specific fields.

According to the employers, opinion the students at Universities gain more theoretical knowledge than practical. for majority, practical knowledge is essential. Recommendations have been produced for media educational sector.

Authors: Dr. Mariam Gersamia, Dr. Maia Toradze (Tbilisi State University)

Mcerc awarded the contestants

On the 10th of November the winners of MCERC’s project “Media Criticism: Young Journalists for Media Empowering” were revealed. The award ceremony was held in Caucasus Media School.

The first prize was given to Ana Urushadze for her TV story – “Suicide in Media Focus”. The second prizes was given to Maia Tchanturidze for her TV story – “Demur Sturua Case”. And the third prize was given to Nia Barabadze for her TV Story – “Music-Educational Programs on TV Screens”.

One of the mentors – journalist Nodar Meladze awarded the winners with special prizes (the vouchers of books) and gave the certificates to them. He said this project was a very good opportunity to improve practical skills and during this project young journalists were able to get a lot of advices from their professional mentors. “I would be happy if I were able to have such opportunity, which MCERC and DW Akademie gave to the contestants today”, – he added.

The competition was held to promote development of media criticism. It provided to create competition materials about media. During some months entry level journalists from 6 different universities created TV stories, digests, blogs about media by supporting their professional mentors and these materials were posted in web site: Three of the winners were revealed by the competent jury.

Media Tour at “Forbes Georgia”

The media tour was held in “Forbes Georgia”. The contestants were hosted by Giorgi Isakadze, “Forbes Georgia” editor-in-chief and one of the mentors of the contestants of MCERC’s project: “Media criticism: young journalists for media empowering”. იხილე სრულად

A Tour to “Rustavi 2” for Media critic’s Contestants

Twelve (12) contestants of MCERC’s project: “Media criticism: young journalists for media empowering” visited “Rustavi 2” and they had media tour and masterclasses there. On the 15th of June the media tour was organized by the producer of the program “Archevani”, the famous TV-journalist and one of the mentors of the project – Nodar Meladze, who hosted the contestants. იხილე სრულად

South Caucasus International Conference SCC 2016

Press Release
South Caucasus International Conference SCC 2016

Date and rime: November 10, 10:00
Venue: Caucasus School of media (Politkovskaya str. 10, Caucasus Unviersity, floor VII);

The international South Caucasus conference „New Standards and Approaches in Journalism Education, Media and Mass Communication Studies” will be held in Caucasus School of Media on November 10. The conference is organized by “Media and Communication Educational and Research Center” (MCERC) and funded by DW Akademie.
Conference Topic areas include: Journalism education: new teaching methods and standards; Challenges in journalism curricula: discovering best practices; Academia, labor market and employment in media; Transfer of practical knowledge in education; Journalistic ethics and media law, etc. The presenters are representatives of the Universities from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
At the Round table discussion focused on media education, media educators from different media schools in South Caucasus will discuss best practices and challenges in media education.

MCERC was founded in 2015. Center aims To support the enhancement of a media and mass-communication field in the manner of creation of the new knowledge and through educational-research activities.

Contact person: TaTia Kakiashvili; Tel.: + 995 598 100 201


The Contestants of MCERC’s Project Were Awarded by DW Akademie’s International Certificates

On 14th – 15th of September a training of data journalism was held for the contestants of MCERC under the project: “Media criticism: young journalists for media empowering”.

იხილე სრულად

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics Hosted the Contestants

In the frames of the project of MCERC – “Media criticism: young journalists for media empowering” the next media tour was held on the 21st of June in the Charter of Journalistic Ethics. The training was conducted by Nata Dzvelishvili, the executive director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics. იხილე სრულად

Psychologist Marina Goksadze conducted a training for young journalists

On the 20th of June, the training for the contestants was conducted by Marina Goksadze, psychologist and the head of Tbilisi Psychotherapy Institute. იხილე სრულად

Georgian Public Broadcaster Hosted MCERC Contestants

On the 14th of June the media tour was organized by David Paitchadze, one of the mentors of the project who hosted the contestants at Georgian Public Broadcaster. იხილე სრულად

TV Pirveli Hosted The Contestants of MCERC

Twelve (12) contestants of MCERC’s project: ‘’young journalists for media empowering” visited “TV Pirveli” on the 3rd of June. The media tour was organized by Nino Zhizhilashvili, one of the mentors of the project who carried out a masterclass how to shoot TV stories and reports. იხილე სრულად